Bone Suckin’® Seared Basil Scallops Recipe
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Super easy, summer scallop recipe featuring our NEW Bone Suckin’ Seafood Seasoning & Rub.
Recipe type: Entree
Serves: 2


  1. Before cooking food, preheat oil, in a sauté pan, to medium high.
  2. Cut scallops through the middle against the grain, but not all the way through. In a resealable bag, pour in Bone Suckin’ Seafood Seasoning & Rub. Add scallops to bag and gently coat thoroughly.
  3. Open up scallop in middle and tuck basil leaf inside.
  4. Sear scallops in pan for 3 minutes per side.
  5. Serve warm on a plate or a bed of mixed greens. Recipe serves 4 as a side or 2 as a meal.


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