“The serious barbecue, grilling & marinating sauce for land & sea. Use amply for Bone Suckin’® flavor!”

Bone Suckin’ Sauce® is the Best Barbecue Sauce,
the Best Marinade, and we have the Best Barbecue Rubs too !

Bone Suckin’ Sauces & Rubs are also Kosher & and some are also Paleo.
We only create healthy artisanal foods using the best ingredients that are Bone Suckin’ Good® !

Health Magazine : Grade A+

“You can see the chunks of onion and peppers in this tangy-sweet, Carolina-style sauce. We love that it’s naturally sweetened with honey and molasses, and packed with flavor from apple cider vinegar, horse-radish, and mustard. With all this and a hint of smoke, Bone Suckin’ Sauce is great for grilling and dipping. Grade A+”

Food & Wine Magazine : #1

“Bone Suckin’ Sauce Hot Flavor – Tangy and smoky with a real kick.” Interesting bite: “The company president’s grandmother [Sandi Ford] used to suck the sauce off ribs and chicken bones, hence the name.”

Newsweek Magazine : Rated #1

BONE SUCKIN’ SAUCE, RALEIGH, N.C. There are a million barbecue sauces, but we fell for the Ford family’s… The sauce rocks. bonesuckin.com” Rating #1

Country Living: Best Barbecue Sauces in the Country.

“Bone Suckin’ Sauce sweetened with honey and molasses you’d expect for sauce makers in Raleigh, N.C., Ford’s Foods includes horseradish, mustard and a secret spice blend.”

Bon Appetit : Favorite Supermarket BBQ Sauces.

“This sauce is sweet and vinegary with a touch of chili heat. It would be great for pulled pork.” As for health–not always a contradiction when talking BBQ–our nutritionist Marissa Lippert says go for the Bone Suckin’ Sauce. “It’s significantly lower in sodium than the others, a bit lower in sugar and about half the calories.”


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